5 Healthy Benefits Of Grass Fed Butter

Most of us have been led to believe that artificial margarine products are better for us than 100% natural, grass fed butter. The truth is that margarines contain many undesirable ingredients such as emulsifiers, sterol, and hexane. Grass Fed butter is actually much better for our bodies than margarine. Here are just some of the fabulous health benefits found in grass fed butter.

Butter actually provides several vitamins that are essential to our health. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are present in butter in their easily absorbed, natural forms. The Vitamin D found in raw butter helps our bodies absorb calcium. Butter can also protect against tooth decay.

Important fatty acids known to prevent many gastrointestinal issues are found in butter. These are known as glycospingolipids, which are of special importance in small children and elderly people.It is best for children to consume whole dairy products, especially when they are of an age when the brain and nervous system are still in the developmental process.

The vital mineral selenium is found in butter, as well as iodine which is beneficial to the function of the thyroid.

It has been shown that people using butter over margarine can cut their likelihood of developing heart disease by 50%. The saturated fats found in butter also possess powerful anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties.

Butter possesses anti-oxidant properties that can protect from free radicals. These anti-oxidants also protect the arteries from weakening. Conjulated linoleic acid is also found in butter. CLA helps build muscle, boosts immunity, and is a powerful anti-cancer agent. Butter has an anti-stiffness factor that helps protects the joints from calcifying, prevents hardening of the arteries, and even the formation of cataracts.

Since around the 1970′s, the public has been preached to about the dangers of saturated fats are. In reality, although Americans are now consuming less saturated fats, we have an increased rate in the occurrence of diabetes, obesity, and the heart disease. Raw, organic butter is much healthier than any processed, chemical concoction created by man. Butter is natural and a healthy food when used in moderation.